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When it comes to porn, Naughty America promises "nobody does it better." That includes sales. The adult network is ringing in the new year with 50% off membership. Get access to 47 sites in the network for just $4.95 per month. That's not a trial price. ... [Read More]
Jess (Zooey Deschanel) meets a very naughty Santa Claus in the New Girl Christmas episode "LAXmas." Even more shocking, Santa is portrayed by Dennis Haskins, who played the equally beloved character Mr. Belding on Saved by the Bell. Jess ... [Read More]
Dirty Talk Videos has been very naughty. You may have noticed a lack of updates since December. Rather than screw you outta your packages, Santa’s coming with a big sack of retroactive posts including each Mouth of the Month. It's like the 12 days of ... [Read More]
The Greendale gang gets into the spirit of the season in the Community Christmas episode "Regional Holiday Music." The study group is recruited by the glee club in a parody of Fox's Glee. Annie (Alison Brie) attempts to seduce Jeff (Joel McHale) ... [Read More]
Things heat up in the kitchen in the Modern Family Thanksgiving episode "Three Turkeys." British chef Nigella Lawson talks dirty to Phil (Ty Burrell), who downloads a cooking app featuring her sultry voice. Lawson could read the phone book and make it ... [Read More]
Ted is like Teddy Ruxpin but with a dirty mouth. The always controversial Seth MacFarlane voices the talking teddy bear, which comes to life after a magical wish by John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). They become inseparable until John meets Lori (Mila Kunis). ... [Read More]
Big Bang Theory celebrated the holidays with a very disturbing Christmas episode titled "Santa Simulation." Leonard (Johnny Galecki) wants Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to get into the spirit so he devises a Christmas-themed roleplaying game, in which Santa ... [Read More]
The Silent Night remake features some very naughty roleplay between Erik J. Berg and Courtney-Jane White as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who use a lot of cheesy double entendre. Santa complains that he gets shafted every Christmas and his ho ho ho tells him ... [Read More]
Spider-Man's spider-sense isn't the only thing that's tingling. This nerd talks his girlfriend into roleplaying as various super heroes and villains, but only the web-slinger can help her achieve orgasm by shooting his webbing all over her ... [Read More]
In the web series My Long Distance Relationship, roleplaying gets a little too real when Sam and Samantha (Rachel Specter AKA the girl from the RGX Bodyspray commercials) decide to have cybersex in the library, which they incorporate into the fantasy. ... [Read More]