Dream On TV series = Dirty Talk 101

Like a lot people who grew up before the internet, my first experience with video pornography was staying up late to watch cable. Unfortunately we didn’t have Skinemax, but HBO was airing a new show called Dream On, about a book editor named Martin Tupper who consistently nailed some of the hottest women around. But as hot as they were, what I really remember was the dialogue. By engaging another one of my senses it made it that much more real.

The first 2 episodes had me hooked. I’ll never be able forget the image of Laura Albert covered in whipped cream and moaning “don’t stop” over and over or Jeannine Renshaw exclaiming “I want you now,” then jumping on Martin and gasping “What do you want, baby. Tell me what you want.”

It didn’t always go so smooth though like when Martin tried to spice up his sex life with Kate (Roxanne Hart) by reading some examples of dirty talk from a sex advice book, but when done properly talking dirty made even mundane tasks such as Martin’s new super (Elizabeth Pena) fixing the air conditioning… very hot!

Nowadays there’s more kinds porn on the internet than you can shake a stick at, but still you’d be hard-pressed to find any of it categorized by dirty talk. Perhaps that’s because you need to actually watch the material you post instead of using wildly popular video scripts that automatically dump the same clips to everyone and often list the same chick in multiple, and often opposing, categories like teens and MILFs. That’s why I created Dirty Talk Videos, a site as much for me as it is for you because every video will be one that penetrated my ears.

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