Boardwalk Empire Paz de la Huerta goes cowgirl on Steve Buscemi

In the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, Paz de la Huerta plays Lucy Danziger, a showgirl seemingly ahead of her time. Despite being set in the era of silent film, Lucy has the mouth of a porn star so much so that she makes her boyfriend Nucky (Steve Buscemi) uncomfortable by calling him “daddy” and telling him to “giddy up cowboy.” She gets so into it that the butler checks to see if she’s all right when he hears screaming.

Initially, such language seems as historically accurate as Paz’s breast implants. In fact, the sexual use of “daddy” was featured in several blues songs of the time such as “How Can I Be Your Sweet Mama When You’re Daddy to Someone Else?” And the oldest usage dates to 1681, according to the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (“Conception of a Question: Who’s Your Daddy?” Washington Post).

Boardwalk Empire season 1 episode 1 “Boardwalk Empire”

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